your mind an aviary

Progress: Terrible free verse with a few good lines today (of which the title of this post is one). Oh, well, I can’t be a genius all the time. I had an idea for tomorrow’s poem, which I’m going to sort of poke at nervously tonight in the hopes of getting some kind of start on it, since Wednesdays are bad writing days for me (bar trivia night – Barley House patrons, represent!).

Prompt for today: From the Speakeasy, “Write about being underwater.”

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2 thoughts on “your mind an aviary

  1. There was a recent article in the New York times (April 5) titled, “No Need to Bat .900” that I ended up pasting into my print journal, ’cause yeah, some of my PAD drafts this month will end up as groundouts (especiallly the ones closer to May 1).

    The subject line is definitely rich in potential. 🙂

    So does the phrase “Barley House,” for that matter, though that could be because I’m about ready for supper and a drink. 😉

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