slogging on, day 27


I want to go home, but I’m not yet done
with either my current can of Coke or the slides
I still plan to hammer into sequence tonight,
but my veins are fuzzy with lack of sleep,
my focus leaking every which where
except upon the topic at hand. Oh, to possess
the command of crystalline logic, the grace
of cut-glass concentration — my task
is neither Sisyphean nor any other
incarnation of impossible, and yet
as daunting as not turning around when told
not to turn around. Behind me are the shards
of shattered piggybanks, the shreds
of a lunatic’s leathers, the specks
of myself — for yes, already
I am crumbling, a tale of salt
trailing away from the very water it sought.

– pld

[Prompted both by PAD challenge – “longing” – and today’s words at Read Write Word (thanks, Joanne!). That, and I really do want to head home soon. *wrenches attention back to work*]

4 thoughts on “slogging on, day 27

  1. Hmmm, ” a tale of salt / trailing away from the very water it sought” begs for more. !!

  2. Sharp images (even if the veins feel fuzzy). I especially like the pairing of crystalline logic and cut-glass concentration. It’s fascinating to see the diverse ways in which people use the given words. I like yours a lot.

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