that goddamn suicidal squirrel

Progress: I’m caught up! I wrote a decent poem about marriage with a few brilliant lines, including one about the squirrel I killed on the way in to work this morning, and a very short, slight rhyming thing which is a bit of a squib.

Prompt for today: Writer’s Digest does regret.

In other news, Amaze: The Cinquain Journal has just published one of my sonnets. No, I’m just kidding, it’s a cinquain. Also in this issue are two by Peg Duthie.

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2 thoughts on “that goddamn suicidal squirrel

  1. I confess, I cannot recall the rules for a cinquain, but I liked this one a lot, especially how I had to keep twisting what was working what in just five, short lines.

  2. Thanks – I’m glad you liked it.

    Here’s my understanding of the form:
    line one: one word, two syllables
    line two: two words, four syllables
    line three: three words, six syllables
    line four: four words, eight syllables
    line five: one word, two syllables

    Usually people talk about the first and last lines having to be the subject of the poem, and the second line is supposed to describe the subject, and then the third lines describes your feelings, or something, but I think that’s silly and unnecessarily prescriptive, and in fact if you read Adelaide Crapsey (who invented the form) she didn’t do that.

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