catching up…

The PAD prompt for day 11 was to write about an object or objects. I’d seen a large man on Rue de Chartres that morning carrying a small pair of pale blue polyester bunny ears, and have been trying to make a poem out of that, but this is what I finally came up with instead:


Nostalgic for bouncier times, Flora builds
a trio of snow-women, each with jellybean nipples.
One she crowns with a shiny headband
with pale blue polyester bunny-ears.
On the one to its left, she drapes thirteen strands
of green, gold, and purple plastic beads.
And on the third, she shapes a tentacle,
plump and curving from hip to belly,
and as she pats and squeezes its tip
she could swear the precipitate on her fingers
smells like salt.

Yesterday’s prompt was to write about rebirth:


Once the hem of a petticoat,
now the wrapper of a waffle cone.
Tomorrow a postage stamp.

Today’s prompt is to write a haiku — and/or an anti-haiku. I’m going to think about it in the shower. In the meantime, there’s Things Japanese in Tennessee, which has a poetry section (for ages ten and up) with pieces by Joanne and me, as well as luminaries such as marlene mountain and Sydney Bougy…

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  1. I like “nostalgic for bouncier times”—that’s a great adjective, unexpected but expressive.

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