On the Road 4

I met Lo and her husband today, which was great fun. I hoped all the poem talking would inspire something. Here they are, heartfelt appreciation for the beauty of their relationship:

When the boat comes
I will follow you.
I won’t set out before.
The wide world’s done
it’s wandering with me
and there is just one trip
I’ve left to take.
Alone. But never first,
No matter how the nerves
default to panic
or endorphins buoy me
above fear’s waterline.
You say you’ll follow me,
you won’t set out before.
The ship will kiss the sand
with us still arguing.

2 thoughts on “On the Road 4

  1. Awwww.

    Dan and I agree – it’s a beautiful poem – and we thank you for it.
    It was great meeting you and I truly hope we can do it again and again.

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