simple dreams we can believe in

Progress: Yesterday, a free verse thing, which can be salvaged into something, I think. We’ll see if that optimism survives the month. Today, the shortest poem I’ve ever written, at four words (five, if you include the title), but also possibly the best short poem I’ve ever written. (We’ll see if that optimism survives the month, too.)

Also today, two publications: “The Grave Marker” at Every Day Poets and “Cicadas” in the new print journal 42 Magazine. It’s a DIY culture meets literary high-brow meets the little magazine, sort of thing, and it’s pretty awesome. I especially liked L. J. Geoffrion’s story and Jo L. Gerrard’s poetry. Pick up a copy, and watch for their summer issue, in which I’ll be the feature poet. Sample issues are only $3.

Prompt for today: I’m going to make up one of my own, based on one described in 42 Magazine. Write a poem containing the following five words: pepperleaf; seeds; juice; amusement; woodpecker.

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