This Post is Not About April

Suggest a market for my most recently-returned batch of poems, please??

8 thoughts on “This Post is Not About April

  1. More information! Spec or lit? Form or free verse?

    In the absence of any information, I’m going to say Ploughshares, because they’re full of awesome.

  2. Multiple “woman in science” poem (one on Grace Hopper and one on Mary Sears), both metrical, one lit-poem inspired by Ostriker’s Stealing the Language, free verse, a sonnenizio in ancient Greece, and Irene Adler fanfic, both metrical.

    Sadly, I already have poems out to Ploughshares, but I appreciate that suggestion.

  3. Sadly, they appear to be closed, with a backlog, until September. But I appreciate the suggestions!!

  4. Have you tried _The Serpentine Muse_ (journal of the Adventuresses of Sherlock Holmes) for the Irene Adler?

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