writing farther, writing faster…

Today’s PAD prompt is “something missing.” I may yet write about socks and/or holidays, but for now, what you get from a cold and cranky Peg is Elizabeth Bishop and Thomas Wyatt too much on the brain:

From Poem A Day Drafts

Without Leave

Screw the art of losing. The things that don’t stay gone
cast the longest shadows and spawn the cruelest dreams —
now I see you, now I don’t. What manner of fun
merits such easy prey? I pray you and your schemes
to cease this hide and seek with what you say I own:
unhappy is the hound who once possessed a bone.

– pld

2 thoughts on “writing farther, writing faster…

  1. The first line is an amazing reversal/upheaval of Bishop’s poem, to me, because there is such pain in the Bishop poem and here you have brought in a whole new angle of pain not found there. Pretty amazing.

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