NaPoWriMary 6

I think the last two days’ work has been too serious. Today, at Job 2, Clayton gave me this punchline (which, on another night, could have become a serious poem, and still might):

For a Botanist

Key this leaf.
Monocot? Dicot?
Its time of flowering?
Its neighbors in the field
or wood or coastline of the marsh?
The men who’ve walked
out of the rising sun
(their skin too pale
to know its rays)
have offered me my weight
in millet for these stringy stems
found roadside
as they entered my domain.
Ah, my kingdom…

3 thoughts on “NaPoWriMary 6

  1. It’s tempting to write a reply that begins “For a hoarse…” *wicked smile*

    And I have been admiring your command of vocabulary. I had to look up “haruspex” the other day, and that’s giving me ideas as well.

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