All Want Together

Sometimes, some beautiful times, it feels as if poetry drips, heady, from the interwebs. Ā 

Books I wish I had in my hands right now:

And if you don’t have them either (order!) at least we can all want together.

4 thoughts on “All Want Together

  1. I have copies of Handless Maiden if you want one. Email me at the address I’ve put on this post, and we can discuss, or maybe even trade for something if you’re short on cash. šŸ™‚

    (I have my name on google alerts so I can catch reviews of my work, and that’s how I found your post :x)

  2. I’ve tried three times to order that Aitken book, and Borders keeps insisting it’s out of print. I emailed Neil (I’m acquainted with him through a forum we both post on) and he assures me it isn’t, so I’m waiting for his publisher to straighten Borders out and will try again in a month or so. (I have a gift card, is why I’m sticking with crappy old Borders.)

  3. Joanne, I’m sorry to hear that. I became underwhelmed with the publisher when I went to their site and found that to order the book through them I had to print out a form and mail in a check. Geez. It is the 21st century, folks. I think I’ll probably end up getting it from Amazon (since Powell’s doesn’t carry it either). I’m sure Neil’s poetry is worth it, though šŸ™‚

  4. I’m surprised Powells doesn’t have it. It must be very disappointing to have a book out and have nobody be able to order it! I may buy it directly from him if Borders still can’t get it in a few weeks.

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